We are going to take The Magic Flute across Africa in an articulated lorry.

Our route will take us from Nairobi to Cape Town through the very heart of the continent. Our vision is to take a travelling festival of stories and songs along a route that stretches more than 5000 miles through 9 countries. Combining international musicians and performers with local artists, children and partners from the communities we visit, we intend to create a truly exciting and collaborative series of performances. We will entertain and engage local audiences, and share these performances across the world.

Our mission is to share the power of story-telling and music with the people we meet. Both traditions are rooted deep in African culture, and our desire is to create unique cultural events that draw both on our experience and that of the communities we visit. We believe that opera is no more than stories set to music. When done well it is not only accessible to all but also offers the opportunity to create a shared spirit whose values flow past individuals and into society itself.

Along our journey, we will work closely with our local partners to create a series of bespoke workshops and performances based on the themes and ideas found in The Magic Flute, designed to complement and shape the full production. Our aim is to involve local musicians, children and wider communities in a meaningful way in the production itself. Each mini-festival will last around a week and will be tailored to the people and possibilities that we find in each location.

Opera for Change is evidently a huge undertaking and our first step is to run a 6 week proof of concept project visiting our initial 11 African partners, scheduled for Nov-Dec 2012. We plan to run workshops with each partner to understand how we build this project together. In addition, we will also use this trip to develop the production of The Magic Flute, understand the logistics of the tour and finesse communication plans.

opera for change – tell a better story

2 responses to “ABOUT US”

  1. nationalvoicesforall says :

    Amazing… When are you planning to go? Is it possible to get involved?

    • Opera for Change says :

      A small group of us are going later this year to meet our provisional local partners and drive the route. The main project is scheduled for the end of 2013 into 2014 if all goes to plan with fundraising. There is a possibility that this will shift to 2014/15. There will be many opportunities to get involved but at this stage we’re a way off from auditions etc for the main project. Thanks for your interest.
      OfC team

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